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Explanation for alcohol making us ill?


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I can?t guarantee the accuracy/reliability of some websites listed below. Just wanted to share.

Red Wine and Alcohol

Red wine is frequently cited as a headache trigger, because it contains tyramine, a vasoactive amine. Research now suggests that phenols, a type of flavonoid found in red wine, are the real headache triggers. For many people, however, drinking any kind of alcohol can provoke a headache. For migraine sufferers, other serotonin-depleting compounds found in beer, whiskey and wine may be the culprits. And, according to Newman, even a sip can be enough to trigger a headache in susceptible people. But anyone who drinks too much alcohol can bring on the well-known hangover headache, which is caused by dehydration that depletes fluids around the brain and causes painful pulling on the brain lining.

If you would like to read more from this link


more about wine and migraines


vasoactive amine



Tyramine (found in wine) ? triggers headaches



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