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chest pains and tingles


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So Monday was yucky. I felt terrible (my bad day post). etc. Anyway, yesterday and then today my body is just unstable, plus my heart just feels like it has a big bruise over it and my face keeps tingling and my nose feels funny etc.

SO. I went to my local doc and they did an orthostatic bp and pulse. I dont remember the bp but the pulse was 92,99,62 ... laying, sitting then standing in fairly quick succession. Hmmm But then as I was standing there I felt increasingly cruddy and could tell it was going thru the roof again. They did an ekg which was normal and pulse was 81. While waiting in line at the reception desk to make my two week checkup I took my pulse cause I started feeling yucky and it was 120ish....

So they are refferring me back to the cardiologist in eugene but I cant get in before March 2nd. Oh well. I guess I feel better knowing the ekg looked fine after feeling so bad monday and then all the chest discomfort since. :P

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I too have the tingling sensation. Sometimes it is horrible. It doesnt matter if my hr is high or not. Also with the tingling I will go from being very hot to very cold. Over and over constantly. I have had normal ekgs and I have had abnormal also. but right now my hr is always high. sitting is usually in the high 90s and standing has gone up to almost 150. I dont bother to go to the ER because the ER here is a joke. No more than a bandaid station, and the nearest good one is over 80 miles away. So I just deal with it. Vanessa

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I often get bad chest pain, only on my left side, sometimes radiating into my arm. I know it's frightening, b/c you never quite know whether to ignore it or have it checked out by the doctor. I have MVP which can contribute to the chest pain and sometimes PACs show up on my EKG, which can also increase chest pain.

If you have an echocardiogram and your heart is structually okay, then your chest pain is most likely benign and just a yucky part of dysautonomia. Having erratic pulse rates are also standard for this illness! Hang in there. B)


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i'm sorry that you're feeling so rotten and that you have to wait until march for your cardio appt but am glad that you went to the doc and that you have the cardio appt set up.

if you do a search you'll find PLENTY of discussions on chest pain and the like as well as some on tingling...

for me i always have some tingling/pins & needles in my legs/feet from neuropathy but about two months ago it got TONS worse throughout most of my body. ends up i was deficient in B12 and since getting shots to replenish my body's store i'm back to my baseline (in terms of numbness/tingling/pins & needles).

hope you're feeling at least a tad bit better....

B) melissa

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