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prednisone and POTS


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I started prednisone about two weeks ago for another condition. I am on a high dose. I think it may be worsening my POTS. I was dizzy and high as a lark this morning. Eventually I went outside for a walk because I was scared to be home alone. I thought I was going to collapse. Anyone else with this experience, or is it just coincidence?



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I'm on a tapering dose right now, and I really hate it. It makes my bp go up, my chest hurt, gives me horrible surges. But as the dose decreases, I get much better. I just realize I need to get through a couple of bad hours every day, but hopefully it's going to help my inner ear. Not thrilled about going deaf, so I guess it's worth the pots issues that go with it...morgan

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Guest Belinda

Prednisone brought out my orthostatic probels with POTS, as I already had many symptoms

such as gastrointestinal,s.o.b., and then I was put on Prensione under false presumption I had asthma..

which turned out to be esophageal spasms.

My orthostatic problems were horrible on prednisone, this was before they knew I had POTS. It took me a couple of weeks to not fel constantly dizzy after being weened off of it.

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