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Adderal XL


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Well, Chrissy tried 10 mg. of Adderal XL and she was totally out of wack! Said she felt high, but her palpatations were better. Dr. Grubb sent another script for 5mg (she only takes one in the morning). She's on her second day now and again, helps with the palpatations, but she doesn't notice any difference with brain fog, concentration, etc. She doesn't feel as 'wired' as the 10 mg, but still not great, also doesn't have much of an appetite.

What we'd like to know is--- is this a type of drug that you just have to get used to, or if it's bothering her now, it'll bother her in a week. She's still home from winter break, but starts school on Tues. and we don't know if we'd be quiting too early if she stops taking it now. I don't know if we just don't give her body enough time to adjust to some of these drugs or not. Did it take time for all of you that have been on it to adjust? I've looked up the side effects and it does say that it could take a few weeks for them to disappear, but that's for patients with ADD--didn't know if it would be the same for POTS patients.



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i don't know about the adderall specificly, but what i do know is that it takes my body weeks to get used to whatever med i'm trying. 1 or two weeks usually is too short for me to tell. this is not a medical advice of course, i just wanted you to know that it might take some more time. talk to your doctor, he can help you with this i think. best wishes for chrissy, hope she does better soon.

corina :(

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Adderall consists of a mixture of amphetamine salts, which work by blocking norepinephrine reuptake (and some dopamine reuptake, as well) and increasing the release of norepinephrine from the presynaptic neuron. If POTS is really due to defective norepinephrine reuptake, wouldn't Adderall do more harm than good?

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