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flu and pots

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Hi. I have the flu for 6 days now. I am taking an antibiotic. My POTS symptoms are worse despite keeping fluids high. Is this expected, and why would it make POTS worse? My heart rate resting-laying down-is in the low 90s-100s on 80mg Inderal. Does it take a lot longer to recover than a person without POTS? Thanks, JenniferTX--I am really considering the flu vaccine from now on--as it has set me back so much.

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Guest CyberPixie

Why did they give you antibiotics? Flu is a virus and antibiotics dont work for viruses. Unless you have a chest infection or something with the flu?

It could be the antibiotics making you feel worse. I know I suffer more with them. I do have candidiasis which antibiotics make worse too. Have you been checked for candida?

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Every time I get the flu I end up in hospital because my autonomics get so wonky.

My GP gives me antibiotics for the flu so that any underlying ickiness can be treated- all POTS people are meant to have a lower threshold for receiving antibiotics from Drs because it's much worse for us if we get flu than it is for healthy folks.

many people develop POTS after the flu or a virus. I did.

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Thank you all. I just had a terrible I guess adrenaline rush with so much anxiety. I feel better now that it is over, but, it is really acting up. Funny thing is I am really numb all over again, it had gotten better and some feeling had returned. I guess it is adrenaline related maybe. It was a Z pack, so I guess it will not be out of my system for days. I do not know if it is the flu or antibiotic. Thanks for the responses. JenniferTX

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This will make you all laugh.

i caught the flu again! Ive had it 3 times within 35 Days.

Interesting topic of the flu making s/s worse.

Until recently I had thought my illness was entirely an immune imbalance set off by adrenal insufficiency. Well, those Dx are valid, but what I'm coming to see is that that's not complete. At the core of my illness is some sort of dysautonomia. I have the adrenal and immune problems fairly well under control, but what I'm left with is a symptomatic orthostatic hypotension that fits some definitions of dysautonomia. I believe this too was set off by the adrenal problem because the adrenals play an essential role in the function of the autonomic nervous system.

What this has to do with the topic is that the last time (last winter) I got the flu, it set off a year of cyclic illness. Severe illness that was not recurrent infections. It was my system going bonkers. I cycled up and down every 7-10 days getting one day of mild s/s and then going back up into severe illness. This went on for a year. I thought that the flu had spun out my immune system, but now I can see that maybe it had set off the dysautonomia. I have been going to great lengths this winter to avoid that happening again. It was aweful. I spent 80% of my waking (not counting when I was asleep) hours in bed. I remember describing to my GP that I felt like my head as filled with lead, or that there was no blood going to my brain. Well, there wasn't. I had described all the s/s of orthostatic hypotension, and he didn't get it. Amazing I'm still alive.

So, I am still working on Dx my illness. But, it is lookng more and more like some form of dysautonomia. And, if my illness last winter was a dysautonomia, then yes, infections set it off big time.


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Guest Belinda

I just caught cold/flu in last two days I definitley notice that my symptoms are alot worse right now

Lots of weakness etc. I think it may just be a cold virus no fever. At any rate yes my body feels like I got hit by a truck...and the weird thing is the last time I got a cold was when my OI symptoms started showing up drastically worse so there is a correlation on how our bodies because they are special..LOL...react.

I hope you feel better soon..Belinda

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