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Food Challenge & a small moan...


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I have now been back on my meds for a full week - I feel like a different woman.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been made to sweat, drink some horrid glucose thing, exercise, had tubes put up my nose, monitors, the gadgets and gizmos have been amassing - I can now sigh a big, sigh of relief as it is finally over.

I seem to remember that quite a few people had not heard of the food challenge.

It involves, not eating or drinking anything other than water from 12pm the night before. Bit of a nightmare for me as I had to tackle the tube, to get the testing centre, and I missed my cup of coffee. They then tilt you, to see how you react (I passed out) and then they bring you back to a resting point, then whilst you are laying down you are passed a glass of what was described to me as a McDonalds Thick Shake (don't believe them...) with a straw, you elegantly have to try to drink this very thick drink whilst moving only your head. It contained about 700 calories, and contained glucose, full fat milk and a sachet of complan (not sure if you have this) which is meant to be vanilla flavoured. It was so sweet it turned my stomach, but I managed to drink the whole thing. They then leave you for 45 minutes, and re-tilt you. I was not too bad on the second tilt, better than the first. However, the rest of the day, I felt like death, and it took me quite a while to recover.

Also, and just a little moan on my part, every time I have to have a candela (Sp - this is to enable them to take multiple blood samples) they ruin my arms, I always warn them, that I am going to be a challenge! (I have wobbly veins) I also have very bad pains in my arms, and needles being pushed in, doesn't exactly help. So I warn them, and the first one is un-successful, so they try the next arm, Un-successful, then they had to call a doctor, who managed to do it first time round, back in my right arm where the pain is. So I am left with really bruised arms, they are only starting to disappear now.

I also have had over the past couple of weeks, a sweat test, Cat blood samples, exercise test, and the full range of autonomic function tests (squeezing, cold compresses, breathing etc) and a 24 hour heart and blood pressure test.

Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the results, which I should receive (insurance company willing - which seems to have been cleared yippee) in about three weeks.

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