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Dr. David Polston at Cleveland Clinic

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I saw him this morning (neurology). A young guy, not married (late 20's, early 30's). Knowledgeable about POTS ~ knew more than I did which is saying a lot after all the research I've done. Very friendly...spent an hour with me.

I tend to like the younger doctors (although not always), it seems they are more genuinely interested in your condition and how they can help. Very nice guy. I will let you know how future appts. with him go.

He ordered bloodwork and an emg study. Yuck.

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hmmm...not married?? maybe i need to look this guy up?! although if he knows that much about dysautonomia he'd surely run for cover B)

but seriously, i'm glad you felt good about your appointment. i just saw dr. shield on monday & had my EMG there yesterday actually...so we almost crossed paths (9th floor of the S building, no?) do you have your EMG scheduled yet?

about docs' ages though, i used to think i had a preference but have had some of the best experiences with docs of every age imaginable so have such decided that it has nothing to do with anything...i.e.i had a doc that was almost 80 last week who was amazing!

anyhoo though, glad you had a good appt. always a bonus.

:D melissa

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