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esophagus deal

Guest Belinda

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Guest Belinda

I am just wondering those of you with GI issues, I am assuming what I am having is esophageal spasms.

I went to the Gi doc. two days ago and told him what was going on..he told me to start drinking Aloe vera juice everyday.

In the mean time it constantly feels like I am breathing fire, and I am being squeezed to death inside.

From the base of my neck down..does anyone or has anyone gone through this???It is horrid.

I have tried heat(moist) and like I said earlier the cardio. would like me to try the nitro tabs. but I and he werte unsure on what it would do to me bp. It is already low like 110/60's baseline.

Does anyone feel like they are being choked when there esophagus spasms..everything else has been checked out in recent months it just seems like it is doing it everyday now, all day.

The GI doc. was like I don't want to do anything yet try the aloe vera and I'll see you in 8 weeks.UGGGHHH!

Help guys!! any ideas would be appreciated.. Hugs to all>

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Yep, it's aggravating. I used to get them more frequently right after any surgery where I've been intubated--I get them now if I yawn, which I think aggravates some of my scar tissue in my neck and things start spasming. I also get spasms in my veins and arteries when ever there is a catheter in one (iv or a-line). I just deal with it and wait for it to pass. Nina

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i get some spasms in my neck around where my scar is from my cervical fusion - also when i yawn, or overdo a stretch - nina, i thought that was just me! it's not a regular occurance for me though so while uncomfortable i just let is pass as well. haven't even ever mentioned it to a doc (i know, shame on me).

it sounds like what you're dealing with belinda is a lot more constant and bothersome. and in your description of the location & the "breathing fire" feeling i'm wondering if there could also be a component of hearburn &/or GERD involved. did your doc mention this at all? i'm not doubting that spasms are happening but just wondering if other things have also been looked at and/or how the spasm diagnosis was made. have you had a swallowing study? ever tried any acid-reducing meds? (and sorry if i've missed you explaining this previously.) i'm thinking that if you're not already doing sot couldn't hurt to follow a GERD-restricted diet (pretty much low acid, plus a few other misc. things like peppermint). obviously i'm not a doc but just a thought....

other than the area around my scar though i don't have issues with esophagal spasms - at least not that i'm aware of. i have some problems swallowing large pills in term of getting them down &/or gag reflex that i never used to have but don't know if that's really an issue or simply my body being sick of me taking so many pills. as far as diagnoses and what's officially "on the books" in my records my esophagus is the only part of my GI tract that isn't problematic. at least aside from GERD/heartburn....i didn't really count that since it originates further down. but i'm rambling now about a lot that is really not relavent.

i do know how frustrating the waiting, trying something new with hopes that it "might" do something but really having no clue, etc, etc can be. it's definitely rough. and honestly even though your doc said 8 weeks i wouldn't wait that long if there's zero improvement or if things are worse. i know it's often easier said than done but i would bug them after maybe a month if you're still really miserable...especially if you're having trouble eating, and even more importantly, drinking enough.

i don't know much about nitro tabs (other than their traditional usage) but how exactly are they supposed to help? just curious myself on that one....

hopefully some others with some more specific experience can give you some more specific words of wisdom...my thoughts are pretty much my reasoning/thinking out loud based on related but not identical experience so they may not be incredibly relevant....

hope the juice works wonders...let us know how it goes.

hang in there,

<_< melissa

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Guest Belinda

Yes-it is constant and I have previously posted about the breathing fire I believe, it is taking everything I have not to got to the ER and start screaming that they need to call the cardio. or GI Doc. Of course then they would say it's anxiety which it isn't.

I guess the nitro is one of the only ways to help the spasms and I tried it today and of course bp dropped and heart rate rose. Not too bad but it only helped for about 1 hr. and I am back to the squeezing.

I had an endoscope done oh about 2 months ago and the only things they did find was the gastroparesis, and

a little erosion which I have always had nothing too explainable.

I figure it is just my nervous system picking on that muscle group. I think the GI doc is afraid to do anything which really aggravates me..I can deal with the dizziness and passing out ocasionally but not the constant pressure and choked feelind in the center.

All cardiac workup ofr this has always been normal-of course just the POTS diagnoses. I just wondered if anyone had any remedies that I could try. Or answers on how to get these docs. to know what distress I am in. I have quite a tolerance to discomfort and pain and I feel nooone should have to put up with this much.

Thanks for your input-as my son would say "you guys rock"!LOL.


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Hi Belinda,

I was having a lot of problems with my food feeling as if it was getting stuck. It felt like a spasm. The pain was excrutiating. Sometimes the problem would occur just with swallowing saliva. I used to awaken in my sleep gagging.

I finally tried prilosec OTC and the feeling of spasms have stopped. I initially had diarrhea, but now have no side effects from the prilosec. It is one of the few medicines I take that does NOT give me side effects! I hope you can find a pill that will work for you so well. Sorry if you already answered this, but have you ever tried any of the anti-acid medications.


P.S. I had a POTS moment. I just noticed protonix in your list of meds. It sounds like your doctor is not ignoring you because he or she is offering you medication ideas. My advice would be to just try everything the doctors offer, and call if the meds don't work. I bet your doctor has plan b, and plan c, etc. Unfortunately, as you know what works for one person may be a total flop for another. I hope you find the right solution as quickly as possible.

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Hi ther! I am new to the upper GI problems. I never had heartburn until today unless I was pregnant, and I noticed 3 days ago that I have started choking on my larger pills and not being able to swollow stuff straight down . I was looking for more info on the swollowing problems and which heartburm med is the preferred. I don't regulary take calcium but I know I need to. What are the suggestions? What do you take for the heartburn?

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Guest Belinda

Pamela- I take protonix which is supposed to be the top of the line stuff for reflux... as needed I take Tums with calcium which if you need calcium would be good for you.

That seems to get rid of the acid burn instantly, and recently my doc. told me that aloe vera juice actually helps heal everything GI related, it tastes terrible but aids in helping the body heal itself.

My deal is that it constantly feels like I am choking and I also get the burn, trouble swallowing small things too.

I hope this helps, protonix like I said is supposed to be the best. Stay away from acidic foods even pop can do it to ya...

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Just wanted to add my two cents in here.

#1 I don't see how nitro will help if this is GI related.

#2 I have spasms in my throat sometimes and it can get pretty severe. I've learned over time that for me, it's a symptom that my thyroid is declining in function and I go in and have my thyroid and thyroid antibodies checked.

#3 The burning may indicate acid reflux. When I went to the hospital last week with this virus I have, one of my complaints was severe burning in my esophagus and stomach. They gave me Pepcid and I did well with this. The first time I took it, it took a couple of hours to start to help and it took a few days to get the problem under control. You may want to try Maximum Strength Pepcid AC (over the counter). It's very safe and not likely to cause a flare in any POTS, OI symptoms. Try this for a week or so and if you feel better stay on it for another week. Then go off of it. If the symptoms come back, go back to your Dr and tell them how the Pepsid helped and ask if it's safe to stay on it for more long term use or if they would want you to switch to something else. I was told that some of the other meds (nexium, Prevacid etc) turn off all the pumps in your stomach which means good bacteria gets destroyed as well so you may not want to take these long term.

Also, eliminate dairy, acidic foods and fruit juices, tomato based products, colas and tea and see if this helps.

Hope this helps in some way and that you get some relief!

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