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Update on MRI and EMG

Mrs. Glass

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Well I saw my Neurologist on Saturday and he did the EMG, and he said one of my nerves is not putting out what it is supposed to. He said that he doesnt know if it is a precurser to something just starting or what, he is going to run some more tests. He did rule out MS, and Parkinsons, so I guess that is good news, still no closer to anything else though. The MRI showed 4 white spots on my brain that he doesnt know if they are from the mini stroke or not, so still no answers yet. He is going to get all of the reports from all of the blood work that has been done on me and probably order more, so I am still no closer than before. I am just so frustrated right now that I could scream! It seems like all I do anymore is go to doctors, my whole life has been turned upside down and I have no control over anything anymore. I cant even clean my own house. It doesnt bother me so much that I cant work, even though I wish that I could, but it tears me up inside that I cant even stand long enough to even do a sink of dishes. I started my Midodrine yesterday and I myswell have been taking M&Ms it did not do any good at all. I see my Cardiologist yesterday and he will probably up the medication. I actually hope that I see his associate, he explains things better, and seems to spend more time with his patients. Although my patience has just about run out. Well I guess that is enough of griping from me, I am sorry for being so upset, its just this is the only place that I can go to vent anymore. None of my friends ever come over or call anymore, and I just seem all alone. Talk to all of you later, thanks for letting me vent. :o Mrs Glass

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Many of us understand how frustrating the diagnostic process can be. I was sick many years before I got the dysautonomia label, and years more before the EDS one.

Adding to that is the isolations b/c some people just don't know how to deal with being around a person who is chronically ill. Surely weeds out the real friends from the ones who are just superficial. I don't have too many left, but those I do have are the most amazing people.

Hang in there as best you can. I hope you find answers. Nina

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