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Schedule of Dr visits- should I list them???

Guest Finrussak

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Guest Finrussak

I had an idea tonite: we are always asking who is going to a particluar Dr and when. How about if we can look at a monthly post that lists the member, their following month's Dr appt, where and when?? Of course it is up to the member to disclose the info they feel comfortable with...Like if you only want to say where but not time etc. This way those of us wanting to meet up at mutual or close appts can! Plus those who live nearby the various centers can decide to drop by or offer support!

right now from reading posts I see that the main centers are a few and we can even use abbreviations

If you give me permission I will be more than happy to have you email me directly ( so that I can then turn the info into an easily read list with appts grouped by center OR by date) and then mid moth report them for the next month. Like for January appts Id need to have the info by Dec 5 and would post the list by Dec 15. For Feb appts Id ask for info by Jan 5 and post by Jan 15, etc. If I dont have any bad Lyme crashes I can rush out a Dec list if you email me the info!!! Be aware that for legal purposes when you email me the info, it will be assumed that it is permission to post it ONLY on dinet's site and only for this purpose!!!.I will neither give it nor discuss it elsewhere.

In case we go ahead, my email is Finrussak@aol.com

Unless you have a better idea, Im thinking that:

-Vanderbilt can be VAN

-Med college Ohio ( Grubb) can be MCO

-Mayo Rochester- MRO

-Mayo Fla=MFL

-Cleveland clinic=CLC

the format Id like to use is:



Johndoe24 MCO Dr Grubb 2/25 10 am optional[ from NJ by bus]

then it will be up to those interested to look at the posts and contact/make plans as they see fit.Plus if you ask, we can add misc info like where youre coming from and mode of travel ( i.e. from NJ by bus) or anything else requested. Is anyone interested????

thanks for the feedback!~!!


Sorry, I forgot to add that we can also list for 2 months at a time for easier plans making etc. You tell me what you want.

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Guest Finrussak

Sorry, I checked my email a moment ago and have not received anything from fellow dinet's. Please resend and know that the list may be very sparse as so far,Lisa, you and 1 or 2 others who have PM-ed me are the only ones interested. I will recheck my email every evening when I am up to it.

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Guest Finrussak

I will update evry so often. So far I have ONE person listed for DEC...to be posted by NOv 30. A few mentioned for later in spring...but no one else so far for Dec or Jan or Feb.

seems email is iffy...if you cant reach me via "finrussak@aol.com", then PM me. That seems to work fine.


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