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Muscle Biopsy


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Hi everyone,

The specialist told me that he wants me to have a muscle biopsy. I don't know what to expect. Do you have any experience?

What muscle do they cut?

How long does it take to recuperate?

Does it leave a scar?

Is it painful afterward, and for how long?

Do they use local or general anesthetic?


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Hi Ernie,

I'm glad they're finally taking your muscle issues seriously. I haven't (yet) had a muscle biopsy, but from my understanding they do it with a local in the heel of the foot. Doesn't sound like fun, but on a whole people usually complain more about having to do emg's. I remember reading that it may leave some very localized numbness in the immediate area.

It should go easy for you!


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Thanks for the good information,

I read the link and your comments and I feel more confident.

They want to rule out Periodic Paralysis.

Morgan, I'll ask my doctor if he can pick a sample of muscle from each one of us. Imagine being on the operating table one beside the other!

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