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Cholesterol lowering drugs

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59


Hi folks----sorry to bug you with yet another drug question----but I need to know how POTS folks do on these type of drugs?

I have such drug sensitivities---and I had trouble with Zocor which is a statin type cholesterol lowering drug----which I'm sure you already know.

Now---I haven't tried any other statins, but my PCP thought she would try the Zetia first as this wasn't a statin type drug. It works through inhibiting the absorption of cholesterol into the intestines. Have any of you taken this drug to lower your cholesterol? Mt total is 195----but the HDL is too low---and the LDL is on the high end of normal---and tryclicerides are above normal---but not by much---about 60-70 points over.

I found some web sites that discussed that had postings from people who actually took the drug. A lot fo side affects were listed----bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, hair falling out---ect. Alot of people experienced nausia to the point of needing to stop the drug.

I know there are side affects of drugs---but this is a newer one---and I hate to be a guinea pig. People with ANS dysfunction are not the ideal candidate for trying new drugs.

Here is a link to the side affects of Zetia;


I'll also do a search on this as well.

Julie :0)

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HI Julie,

I tried Lipitor (stomach pain), tried Zocor (constipation and bloating). I have been on Lovastatin for 7 weeks now without a problem. My cholesterol was over 300 and is now 198. My brother said it works the best for him. My nephew has switched to it too and is not having problems. If someone in your family is on a statin ask them. I think our genes play a role in medication tolerance. Our entire family cannot tolerate Morphine.

I have never heard of Zetia so can't make a comment on that.

I was able to lower mine when I was younger with diet and supplements, took B complex, garlic, lecithin, fish oil, and calcium and magnesium.

Wish you luck.


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