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May i thank mighty Mouse, you have inspired me.

Today i felt down and glum, and didnt want to do anything, i read mightys post on her running and though 'ALL THAT SHES BEEN THROUGH AND SHE CAN STILL FIGHT'. Ive been through no were near a hard time as she has and if she can find the energy so can i.

I got up of my bum and started a slow process of my training! I was scared, but i did it. Im going to take this slow and run the 2007 marathon. I will start a blog so you can log my progress.

Thanks mighty! I hope this inspires otherss.

PS. I was a keen runner 2 years ago and did 18 miles + a week, im down to 1 a week. :D

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good for you! I'm happy that you found your source for mental energy

-mine, I believe, all has to do with several things, but mostly: how much sleep I've had, the level of pain control I've gotten that day, and my attitude. When I lose my "I think I can... I think I can..." attitude, everything goes straight to the hot firey place down below.

Take it slow and easy... and make sure your doctor has cleared you for the level of exercise you intend to do (I am under the care of a doctor and physical therapist).


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