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dysautonomia and ADHD


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Anyone here suffer from both or see a correlation? Anyone mistakenly evaluated as having ADD and it turned out to be POTS in an early stage?

Also, I vaguely remember someone here writing that Strattera, which is given for ADD somehow helps POTS?

My 13 year old daughter is now being evaluated.



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I was diagnosed with ADHD for years ... but for being under active not hyeractive. (so i suppose its hypoactive).

I use to fall asleep at school as a child and struggled with certain motor coordination. I was on Dexamphetamines for years but took myself off them about 5 years ago.

I am not sure that there is a relation between my OI and ADHD diagnosis .. its possible ... however i know i went backwards in regards to learning ability once my CFS/OI hit me a few years ago, so i am assuming they are not caused by each other but can effect one another possibly.

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I remember hearing or reading (years ago) that there was a 'theory' that a certain disorder was manifested as CFIDS (note: I am only talking about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome here, not dysautonomia) in females and it was manifested as ADHD in males.

Of course that obviously isn't completely true (if true at all). Don't throw tomatoes at me, because I'm not saying it's MY theory. I just vaguely remember hearing that a few years ago... one of those random things that stuck in my head.

On a side note, when I am coming out of a "crash" I have sometimes gone on methylphendiate (ritalin) to boost my energy and get my body moving so I can get the muscles working again and get my body in gear. So, the meds work on opposite on me than they should for a person with ADHD. (But that's no surprise b/c most meds work opposite on me.)

I think I am getting off-topic, I don't know... sorry about this one...

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