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Blood Flow


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Hi guys,

It's been a long time since I have posted, for I have been feeling quite ill. I've been diagnosed with Autonomic neuropathy and myasthenia gravis. I'm still not sure if I have been correctly diagnosed. I've just been hoping I'd wake up one morning and all the symptoms I feel would go away.

I am getting symptoms as usual that no one has heard of.

It seems like my blood flow slows down quite a bit while I'm sleeping. I'm only able to get about 5-6 hours sleep at night, before I am awoken by strange sensations/pain throughout my body and have to walk.

Also, I get alot of shooting pain in my torso, chest, underarm and back especially. The areas are sore to touch. This happens especially if I am sitting at rest for too long or lying at rest. I have to move and the pain and sore spots then go away.

Also my right side never feels normal, especially my head.

I have boughten compression hose, which do make me feel a little better, but cause a great deal of leg pain.

Has anybody else experienced these types of pain symptoms?

It almost feels like my blood flow slows right down at rest, or maybe it's pooling and constriction in other vessels are causing the pain. I don't know, but I'm quite concerned about these symptoms.


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Sorry to hear you have been having problems. Have you had a chance to talk to a doctor about how you are feeling? I know that I just found out on the 24th that I have a blood flow problem, when they did a blood volume test out in Cleveland. It's help me in my mind to understand whats going on. Now my problem it that my blood flows 3 times as fast as it should, but I do have chest pain alot of the time, and also get odd feelings like crapping body parts, to headaches, to really bad pain all over the body. I think is due to the fact our bodies don't get the oxygen it needs. I just stared where the compression socks too. They have help me but, still having many problems. I am just keeping a postive mind and hope that things are going to get better. I also try to let my doctor know how I am doing, and let them know how things are going, and they are slow ajusting the levels on my meds. I wish you the best of luck.

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How do you do a blood test volume? I should ask what is the test called and what kind of doctor does it and can I ask any docotr I see for one or is it a specialty test that only some palaces do it?



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Wow! It is amazing that you can find people here who have the same wierd things you do. I had a great deal of difficulty sleeping today, woke up with sensations I can't explain other than sort of pain, tingly, weak in my arms, legs. I tried elevating, lowering, walking, etc and nothing helped. Finally popped a sleeping pill and slept through it. Still feeling weak and tingly in the arms tonight. What an amazing disorder this is!!! Thanks. Terri

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