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Trip to the Surgeon


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Well, I fly to see Dr. Heffez tomorrow. However, yesterday, I went into my office to try to put some things in order before leaving. That was a mistake because I had trouble breathing while there. My administrative assistant called the company nurse, who then called my doctor. He asked to talk to me. I told him I had my feet up and that I'd be fine in a little bit. I guess he didn't like all the breath he heard in my voice and the fact that the nurse had reported my BP as high. He sent the ambulance. By the time they got there, the BP was 200/108. While lifting me onto the ambulance, the tilt dropped my BP to unreadable low. It remained unreadable for awhile so they started the emergency measures. Eventually, it shot back high again.

Bottom line, the day was spent in the ER. The good thing was that I had saline pumped into me by the IV all day long. By evening, I was feeling much better. It did mess with my friends' day yesterday as they all came running to make sure I was ok, and I didn't get the things done in the office that I had hoped, but I am hopeful that my increased blood volume from the IV all day will help me tolerate the flights tomorrow better. (I'm not going to try to go to the office today and finish up those things...learned my lesson there!) We're all so hopeful that I will be a good surgical candidate and the surgery will give me back a good quality of life.

Has anyone else had trips to the ER lately? I must say that everyone in the ER was kind and professional. Most of them had not heard of POTS, but they seemed to do appropriate care. It wasn't my favorite way to spend a Friday, but the added blood volume is definitely making me feel better today.

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I go to the ER about once a month for an IV. Sometimes I get one within 1 hour and other times my caregiver and I have to argue for 10-12 hours before they "agree" that I need it. I have 2 hospitals they know me enough to give it to me faster but I leave about 1 hour from them. The 2 hospitals close to my house don't care about my case and refuse to give me the IVs. I am still looking for solutions to deal with them.

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