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iGive Donation Update

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Hi Everyone,

i just wanted to share that the checks from iGive keep coming in! For those who don't know what iGive is, it's a web-based service company that allows you to shop with mainstream online retailers such as LLBean, Sears, Avon, Travelocity, Dell, Gateway, Apple, Disney, Overstock, Buy.com, etc. They have more than 500 retailers, each of whom will give a specified percentage of your purchase to the nonprofit of your choosing. Of course, I've chosen DINET ;) as have a number of other people. iGive adds all those people's portions together and sends the checks to DINET.

Here's a list of the checks to date:

Recipient date Check# funds up to check amt.

DINET Mar 23, 2004 610908 Dec 31, 2003 $31.93

DINET Jan 28, 2004 609421 Oct 31, 2003 $45.79

DINET Dec 27, 2003 608896 Sep 30, 2003 $20.69

If you're interested in adding yourself to the iGive service (which is FREE!), here's the link:


Oh, and thank you SO very much to those of you who've joined...every little bit really DOES help ;)


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I just want to say thanks to those of you that have joined iGive...so far we are up to 21 people who have used the iGive link to join. And, 6 have made purchases, which resulted in a bonus of several dollars going to iGive.

You guys & gals are the best! Thanks for your support in any way that you've been able. Supporting this forum via your participation is so appreciated...and for those who've also added money to that support, I wish to personally share my gratitude. ;);)

Nina :P

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