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Dateline email response


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I just got an electronic email from Dateline but I guess they do prefer snail mail. Besides, it does take more energy and makes it taken more seriously. I knew this was true of many shows but wanted to be sure since so many shows have web sites. This was the address they gave me.


Thank you for your E-Mail to Dateline NBC. Although we cannot write a personal note to each of you, we do print out our messages, look at them and discuss your comments and reaction, and we do sometimes quote your E-Mail on the air in our 'feedback' segment. If your correspondence is in reference to a specific segment, that letter will be forwarded to the segment producer for review.

If you have a specific story suggestion please send it to:


Dateline NBC

30 Rockefeller Plaza

New York, NY 10112


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thanks for posting this sophia.

snail mail being given more heed makes sense to me but i appreciate that dateline is as up front about it as they are. many sites give the impression that email is just as good.

:P melissa

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