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Bad experience with English doctor


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Allright, so I saw this one coming a mile away. I've never had the experience of a doctor telling me that it was all in my head, particularly AFTER being diagnosed!!

I found out that I'm covered by the NHS after all, and made an appointment, sort of 'get to know and what my proposed treatement plan is', because I have a feeling that I might wind up in a bad (meaning worse) way before the term is out.

I knew it was going to be bad when he said "Well that's just along the spectrum of normal, isn't it- teenage girls passing out? Well maybe in the UK we don't find such conditions worth treating."

I was being totally attacked, so I went on the defensive, trying my best to still be civil (in case, you know, my life was in his hands someday)- though he didn't deserve it. "Well, maybe in other countries- like Germany- they worry about keeping people's blood pressure up when they stand... but I don't really understand why you're here." he said... Me: Well actually, I don't have orthostatic hypotension, because I'm hypovolemic. I have low baseline BP, but it increases when I stand. So I'm coming now, because I'm having a good couple of days, and it'd be hard to get here when my heart is beating so fast that I can't get up off of the floor!

Him: Well if it gets that bad, it sounds like you should have stayed at home. (Not giving any hint of actually believing that it CAN get bad.)

What I thought: So I should live my life in a cardboard box just waiting to have a bad spell. I might get sent home, but at least I'll have come.

What I said: My medicine, while it's not doing as much as I'd like it to, keeps me going. I've spent 2 weeks at a specialty center in the States being treated by experts in the field and I DO know of a specialist here, but he's in London.

What he said: Well, you could go private, but on the NHS there's no way you'll get in to see a specialist, and would you really want to travel 3.5 hours to see someone you've never met?

What I thought: Well my mom and I drove 10 hours to see a whole team of doctors I'd never met, and look how well that turned out. I should have known better than to even bother with a country bumpkin doctor like you. (No offense to any readers out there!) I'll let you know when they admit me to the hospital.

What I said: I'm not trying to embark on a whole new treatment plan, I'm just trying to get through the day!

Him: Then I suggest you just make sure to get in with your doctor in the States while you're home for Christmas, and keep up with the meds, one of which isn't licensed in the UK.

So I just pursed my lips and walked out... I was drained. My mind had gone blank of anything civil and coherent to say. The thing is, I'm really looking for someone to help with the other dysaut. problems I'm having besides POTS! Like since my GERD is back, I need to know if I have permanent damage to my esophagus.. and what is up with the joint pain and is there anything I can do besides taking ibuprofen... and how about this MCAD?

OK so now I'm no longer having a good day. He sent me into an adrenaline rush and now I'm all hot and sweaty, and I know what's coming! I shoulda passed out in his office. Jerk!

Sorry so long! I haven't had a bad doctor rant yet- don't we each get one or two? ;)

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Hi Lucky,

I'm very sorry that you had to see this ignorant doctor. The man doesn't know what he's talking about. Maybe you can ask Michelle to send him a brochure so that he will be informed and see that there are doctors who care about their patients. I hope you will get over this soon! Next time: thank him for his precious time and walk out. Leave him thinking what he did wrong!!!

Best wishes,


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