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Jenny from DATELINE segment


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I posted on the Dr. Phil thread about the lack of follow up on 20/20 and Dateline programs from the mid to late 90's. 20/20 just said Chronic Fatigue Syndrome might be cure by Dr. Heffez' neck surgery but wouldn't use the term "dysautonomia". Course Dr. H doesn't pronounce it a cure, just that it may improve some symptoms....

Dateline DID use the term 'Dysautonomia' and did a GREAT first segment about it that was informative and easy to understand.

Dateline Profiled, 'Jenny', an optometrist who used to post at NDRF.

Does anybody ever hear updates from her? How she was doing? Last I heard, and it's been years, things were iffy for her. She, too, had the controversial surgery by a doc on the east coast, who's name escapes me.

Just wondered.

Many of us were disappointed that neither show followed thru with an update as both were COMPELLING stories.

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