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Cleveland PCP Suggestions???


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i know that there are at least a handful of you clevelanders out there, so i'm begging and pleading for any thoughts/suggestions re: PRIMARY CARE docs. i'm not looking for autonomic specialists, just someone who is open & willing to deal with my crazy health as my primary point person, i.e. coordinating with specialists, paperwork when needed, dealing with the day-to-day (i.e. when i need fluids), helping to monitor bllodwork for safety of new meds dr. g wants to try me on, etc....

do any of you have any suggestions?? i have been unsuccessfully trying to get set up with someone since arriving in august. i was supposed to have an appt monday but had to reschedule it when i got an appt with dr. grubb (which took priority of course!). it is rescheduled for the end of the month and i have one other in a few weeks but of course i have no idea if either of them will be worth their weight/wait anyway.....

i know some of the clevelanders out there have PCPs that are peds, which probably won't take me since i'm almost 26, but if anyone has any ideas i would be glad to hear them! realistically i need someone not too far from shaker heights/university circle area b/c i need to be able to get there when i'm not doing so hot....

thanks bunches,

B) melissa

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I wish I could say that I have a great PCP to share with you...but, I don't. My PCP told me, "You are 30 years old, you are fine." This is after many trips to her to complain about chest pain, palpitations, tingling feet, shortness of breath....Then, she referred me to a psychotherapist.

I would love to hear some replies with a great PCP and/or cardiologist. I live about 30 miles west of Cleveland.

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Hi Melissa,

Although she is a cardiologist, not a PCP, Dr. Parvin Dorostkar is really great. She IS mainly pediatric BUT, she has many adult patients also. She is very familiar with POTS and will work with Dr. Grubb. Chrissy is seeing her as a secondary cardiologist. She is at Landerbrook (which is off Cedar Rd. by Brainard) and at Rainbow (UH). I don't know how easy it would be to get in to see her if you need her on a regular basis, but I just thought I'd pass her name on. Her # is 216-844-3275.

Good Luck with your appt. with Dr. Grubb--glad you got in!! B)

Take care,


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I can second Dr Doroskar as a back up cardiologist. I told her she has been "chosen" to be Dr Grubb alter ego. (She laughed). I hope by exposing her to his ideas that she will become another resource for people. She wrote the Rx for Rachel for midodrine based on Grubb's letter. She had never used it for POTS before.


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thanks for the input...

on the lucky side of things i actually saw dr. grubb on monday & will be seeing him again next month.

dr. dorostkar does sound really great, but i really need someone to function as a PCP b/c i have so many systems involved that i have to see specialists for & realistically speaking no cardiologist can be the go-to for that; i really need a coordinator & someone i can access very quickly if (when) i get bladder infections, ear infections, IVs, etc... and i may be starting on procrit & will need close monitoring, i.e. weekly or more, and while it seems like a side-note, i need someone who will be able to deal with my disability paperwork, esp. as that's how i'm keeping my insurance. so...that's the short version of why it really needs to be an internist or family practitioner. if a cardio was willing to step in for all my messes of stuff i wouldn't mind at all, but i just can't envision a cardio being my point person for my uro, GI, allergies, endocrine, etc (even dr. grubb told me he isn't comfortable adjusting my cortef)

i really appreciate it though & wish she COULD be my doc. i will definitely keep her in mind if i need a grubb fill-in locally...

thanks again,

:lol: melissa

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Hi Melissa!

I don't have any recommendations for you but just wanted to say HI!! and I'm glad you were able to see Dr. Grubb.

I hope you are able to find someone to coordinate your care. Personally, I've been looking for two years and haven't had any luck with this; seems nobody wants to coordinate these days. :unsure: So frustrating!!!!

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