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anything new on Dr. Low research?

Guest Finrussak

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Guest Finrussak


anyone hear anything further about Chad's info on a new treatment other than the Mestinon ?? I tried to do a search on these boards ..but came up with nothing. Any word on the study itself that was to be posted??

[i have been battling Lyme flare and new meds which sparked a marked increase on OI and episodes...this short post took 3 tries and lying down between...so all those Ive been in email contact with I am so very sorry but for a bit longer I will be unable to concentrate too well- havent even done emails in over a week...and been online once or twice this week when Im usually on several times a day...]

You know things r bad when aol tellm me I have over 300 unread emails!!! LOL

hope all is well with all of you ( or as best as can be hoped)


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As I've replied in several different threads, the medication in question was Mestinon, as many suspected. One of our members called Dr. Low's office directly for confirmation. Sorry, not as great a cure rate as one might have hoped... marginal at best. Some here do well with it, others did worse and some had no change.


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