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Odd stair climbing issue (right leg forgets to move)

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I've been in a bit of a lurking limbo here, not really posting much because I'm not well enough to have answers, but not doing poorly enough that I have as many questions as I used to, but this is a new and odd one over the last few weeks. 

I have a set of stairs in my home and about halfway up, the third or fourth right foot step, it's almost as if my right foot forgets it's its turn to go and I don't actually stumble, but become unbalanced for a nano-second. It's not something I can consciously recreate because once I'm thinking about it, it doesn't happen. 

I've had issues with weakness/shakiness/cramping after usage in my legs (both) before, but this doesn't seem like that. It just seems to forget to go and always the right leg on the third or fourth go. 

I'll ask my neuro about this of course, but that's still a month away. Is this a common common issue or sign of something potentially more concerning? 

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I don't know about stair climbing, but I have had several episodes in the last couple of weeks where my legs seems just a tad disconnected from my brain.  I sort of stutter-walk, not able to just flow--I have to remind my leg of what it is up to.  I am looking at tethered cord or other lumbar spine nerve problems, so it kind of makes sense in my case.  It may in fact be not at all like what you are experiencing @MTRJ75, but since I have been watching and wondering--it is on my mind and sounded a tiny bit similar.

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