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Cycle of boredom

Sarah Tee

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I seem to be trapped in an unhelpful cycle.

I get bored, decide to do something, cannot complete it, and am left with a clutter of unfinished projects or a fridge full of uncooked food.

(Luckily my dad’s partner is happy to cook up anything that hasn’t gone off!)

A few weeks pass, and I start something else.

I do not aim high – no Beef Wellingtons or bathroom makeovers – but it seems I’m well enough to plan things but not well enough to execute the plan.

i try to choose simple things and break them up into chunks, but it seems chunks of simple tasks are still beyond me.

I don’t know how to occupy myself 😞

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Here are some of the simple things I’ve tried to do lately:

Sew pyjama pants

Cook pumpkin soup

Make a fruitcake

Paint a couple of interior doors

Knit a plain cardigan


Even a couple of years ago, I could do all of these things, albeit at a slower pace than a healthy person. I look back on a shirt I made for my dad and think “How on earth did I sew that?”

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That is awesome @Sarah Tee! you must be quite talented! I knit and cook as my activity of choice, and I used to LOVE painting any surface in my house - unfortunately I cant anymore because I cannot stand that long. I am glad you are keeping yourself busy making beautiful things!

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@Sarah Tee I knit every day - fancy shawls, socks, mittens, scarfs, hats, sweaters, pillow cases ... I save them for Christmas time and give them away as gifts and sometimes sell them at a local arts and crafts shop. It's my hobby and it gives me something to do while resting. 

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