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Fingernails curving downward

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Hi everyone!

Does anyone notice their fingernails curving downward when they grow out? I believe it’s from lack of oxygen but no one can tell me for sure or if it’s Dysautonomia related or something else. Does anyone else notice this? No clubbing, just curving down. 

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@MomtoGiuliana I’ve had most blood work. Recently my vitamin D came back low so they started me on supplements. I think it’s from a lack of oxygen but not sure what’s causing it. Lung docs say I’m fine. Fludrocortisone put me into heart failure but once I stopped I’m not in it anymore. Cleveland Clinic swears I’m not in heart failure so now they are referring me to their autonomic guy there. I can’t see him until October though. It’s been almost 5 years and still no real answers. I’m exhausted 😞

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