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Klonopin before TTT

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I have an appointment coming up to test for POTS. I have severe medical anxiety. Did anyone take Klonopin meds with the test?   Was anyone advised on taking this med prior to the test?
Was anyone advised on eating or drinking before the test?

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18 hours ago, MarePar said:

 Klonopin meds 

I would def check with your drs on that one, I'm not certain but I would imagine since many people use benzos to treat their POTS and help manage their symptoms with them, I'd think it would stand to reason that taking the klonopin beforehand could probably mess with the results.

Medical anxiety is awful, but the TTT also doesn't seem like the type of test you wanna have done in vain or have to do over a second time.. I'd double check with whatever office is administering your test and see what they recommend. And if they tell you that you do have to go into it without the meds, if you feel like you really need the answers from this TTT, you may have to try to mind-over-matter it to get through it, maybe close your eyes and go to your happy place til it's done. I don't know why medical testing has to be so traumatic so much of the time, there's gotta be better ways to get answers than half the stuff they put us through. But sometimes we have to get it done and allow ourselves time to recover from the experience and just hope that the results help guide treatment in the long run. Good luck!

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