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anyone heard of postprandial hypoglycemia?


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Yes, I have had this since I was a kid....I also get low blood sugar once in a while from stress and hunger but not as much as I used to....

These days HAVING an appetite to eat is tough...but I MUST STAY AWAY from "fat free" high carb foods. I get sick within an hour or two. It's dreadful.

I do best eating higher fat snacks with carbs or making sure I have some protein with snacks. Eat small meals. Watich caffeine if you drink it on an empty stomach. Messes up the blood sugar as well in some people.

This is all second nature to me. There is much to learn about it and just enlightend yourself about the glycemic index of foods and it will be ok.


There are many differing degrees of 'glycemic indexes' depending on the person who makes the list. Many have agendas behind the food they push. Also, you have to try a diet that works for YOU...though watching the carbs and fat/protein combo is the biggie.

Sugar isn't necessarily the enemy if you BALANCE IT IN MODERATION.

Bagels used to make me VERY ILL though you will see some people's lists calling them "good carbs"...but it's not true so it's a very complex subject and you have to read up on the GOOD NUTRITIONISTS with no political agendas. Starch/sugar can hit the pancreas the same. TOO MUCH watermelon makes me ill and it's "natural". Asbestos and radon are 'natura' but they ain't good for you either but I digress!!

Here are some sites to help you read up on the subject.




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I can't really add much on this topic but just wanted to say that I hope you find some answers soon.

I tend to get kinda queasy if I go too long without eating and I seem to crash harder later if I eat "bad" food when I get like that but that's pretty much the extent of my experience.

I find I do better with high protein lower carb diet.

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