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Bloating And Stomach Gurgling After Lunch Upper Abdomen

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Has anyone else suffered with bloating and gurgling after eating especially midday meals? I am sure it isn't Coeliac as I tested for that, and I don't think it is lactose as I can eat that at other times and it is fine. I am wondering if it is related to prolonged sitting before the meal - for example today I was working on the computer for a couple of hours before lunch and a sandwich was enough to start off the bloating 30 minutes later and loud gurgles. I had wheat cereal for breakfast with no symptoms but I had been lying in bed beforehand. Has anyone noticed a correlation between upright posture and poor digestion especially wind bloating and gurgling? I was wondering if I have SIBO caused by slow digestive transit but it seems to be related to posture so not sure if I want to go down that testing route.

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I went thru a battery GI testing over the last few months or so. i was treated for suspected SIBO as i was having numerous GI symptoms. the treatment did help with most of the bloating. We also discovered Barrett's esophagus that was inflamed so i am taking a PPI med. The Doc also had me stop drinking milk. so far so good and the bloating has stopped.

I know what i experienced was not postrial related. 

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