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Probably HYCH diagnosis/ advice

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So I most likely have hypocapnoc cerebral hypoperfusion. Why the doctor didn't formally diagnose this and just told me "to follow up with my neurologist" is beyond me. I looked at the testing results which said "hypocapnic hyperventialtion" and 18% cerebral blood flow decline upon standing. For those with this diagnosis, did he not formally diagnose this because the drop didn't meet a cut off? 18% seems like a significant decline and explains everything I've been saying to doctors (there is something wrong with the blood flow to my brain)   Any treatment options? Has anyone seen a specialist familiar with this or anyone that specializes in Dysautonomia that will at least trial medications given this information?  I have to be honest, I'm not impressed with how I was treated. The dr basically sent me on my way knowing I have these issues. He barely spoke to me during testing either. Felt like a lab rat. 

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@TorturedSoul, I’m sorry to hear that the doctor doing the testing wasn’t very communicative and didn’t suggest any follow-up.

I think there are one or two folks diagnosed with HYCH here.

I could only hope that the doctor who did the testing sent instructions to your neurologist on what to do.

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