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Resolved my POTS - AMA if interested

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Not sure if these kind of "success" posts are allowed here, as they weren't on Reddit. But I will try it regardless, perhaps someone can benefit from any of the information discussed.



Male 30 y/o (6'9, 210 lbs lean/athletic build, have some mild joint hypermobility)
Symptoms started age 14, diagnosed around age 21, "cured" around age 26).



Severity: HR went from 60 laying down to 150+ standing at my worst. Feet and lower legs turned red/purple upon standing.
Would faint if standing still for too long eventually (lost vision first, then hearing, then eventually passed/collapsed).


Current status: 

Basically no symptoms. I can notice the predisposition to POTS/symptoms is still there (if I take a very hot shower you can see my feet turn a bit red from some mild blood pooling, but I don't experience symptoms like I used to).


Feel free to ask any questions if anyone is interested.

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I'm curious:
1) Any idea what caused or led up to it?

2) Was it a sudden onset or did it slowly creep in?

3) What were your symptoms during? 

4) How often were you symptomatic at your worst? 

4a) How did it affect your life?

5) You say you were cured...what did you do?  How did you do it?  How quickly did the recovery happen?

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