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Struggles with meds

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I don't react good to meds. I was wondering for how long do you guys try new medication? I have read that some people notice difference immediately after taking some medication or in few days. Is it worth to try some medication for few weeks, even when you feel worser than before and don't feel improvement at all?

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@Sea otter My autonomic specialist tried many meds on me although he was very aware of my medication hypersensitivity. Some worked for a while then stopped, others were not effective, some had side effects in the beginning and then I tolerated them better after a while, and then a few I had to stop cold turkey because I had terrible side effects from them, Clonidine and Wellbutrin being some examples. 

All of these were started at a dose much less than the lowest dose available then slowly increased in small increments. Every time I had to start a new medication it was like going down into a dark cave - I was afraid of what might happen. But in the end through all this trial and error we found the combination of meds that is perfect for me. 

Be brave - without trying we cannot tell if it works, and every new med could be the ONE!

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@Pistol thank you. I also take at first a dose much less than the lowest dose available. 

Well, for now, according to my doctors, I don't have nothing more to try. My country is unfortunately limited with some medications so I am trying to find ways to get medications from other countries.

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