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Update on Today's Appointment!

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Well just got back from my pediatric cardiologist, Dr. Consevage. He wrote me a prescription for compression stockings, Celexa 20mg and Phenobarbital 15mg (he said that some doctors at the Mayo Clinic prescribe it for insomnia) (here's a link I just found...it's kind of interesting: Phenobarbital

While we were there my brother got an ECHO, and everything seems to be normal with his heart which is good since I have EDS as well as himself!

Have any of you ever taken Phenobarbital? He said it might not work and to give it a good 10-14 day trial and see what happens! Well going to be going now, hope you all are having a good day!!!!


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i haven't tried it myself, but have heard of it for sleep. a doc who i trust A LOT mentioned it to me as a possible thing to try since lunesta doesn't seem to be helping me much....you'll have to let us know how it goes.

i hope the new meds work well for you!

B) melissa

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