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Body not fighting off viruses properly??

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I have had dysautonomia for 8 years now with a huge variety of symptoms coming and going. One new one as of the last year that I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing, is that when I get a virus, my body can't seem to do things like make a fever or expel mucus. Near the start of a virus, I can feel my body revving like a car, trying to heat up, it seems; I get the feeling it's trying unsuccessfully to create a fever. Then once I get into the mucous stage, I can't cough, make a runny nose, etc. I can feel it in there, but it's like my body has just given up on any response to it. I've tried neti pots, and that does work to flush stuff out, but I've ended up with really horrific ear infections every time.

I can't sweat, so in my mind it makes sense that perhaps I can't thin mucous out enough to drain it, but I'm not a specialist, and when I asked my only doctor with experience in dysautonomia, he said, "Hmm, I don't know." I'm trying mucinex, steaming, etc. etc. but nothing is really working. Thoughts?

Just curious if anyone else has experienced similar things. I'm on day 28 in bed after my 4th bout with Covid; just can't seem to kick it. 

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Hello @Pineapple I am sorry that you are that ill! I have HPOTS and know the feeling of running a fever but temperature is normal. When I had COVID and other viruses or colds I was able to make secretions and cough, so I am not sure if it would be a typical symptom if you cannot make mucus. But if you cannot sweat it would make sense to me that dysautonomia could affect you like that. Sorry I cannot be of more help. 

Of course hydration is important. You mention you have been in bed for a month - please remember that it is very important to do leg and abs exercises while lying down, and to sit up or stand up even briefly often. One of the things that make dysautonomia worse is prolonged bedrest! Wishing you improvement and recovery soon! 

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So sorry you are so unwell.

Have you been evaluated by a rheumatologist or maybe endocrinologist?  You may have other condition/s such as another autoimmune condition that is causing some of this.

Also wondering if you have been prescribed IV fluids.  Many of us benefit from IV saline.  For me when in a flare up, IV saline can at least get me from having to lie down to being able to sit up fairly comfortably and move around a little more easily.  As Pistol said, too much lying down can only make dysautonomia worse.  It's something I did not understand until I was diagnosed and researched the condition.

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Thank you for your responses! I do need to work on exercises, for sure. I have been trying to move and get up briefly, but I know it hasn't been enough. It's a good reminder to do what I can in bed and not give up. I tend to lose heart a bit, with feeling so weak and yucky, which I'm sure everyone on the forum can relate to. I will ask about IV fluids. I struggle even when I'm at my healthiest to stay hydrated, so that would make sense to see if that helps. 

I have seen 3 rheumatologists and had lots of inconclusive testing, and am now on my 4th endocrinologist (due to insurance) who is treating me for Hashimoto's. I also have a hematologist; maybe he would refer me for fluids if I asked? I will reach out.

Thank you again for responding- I really appreciate it.💗

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