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Compression Tights--Australia

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 I’m hoping someone can give me their feedback on waist high Compression tights that I can buy in Australia. There’s a lot online, my Cardiologist suggested one option is 2XU from rebel. They don’t seem to go far enough down the ankle and ankle compression is very important so I want to be sure I’m getting the right thing as the 2XU cost $150

The cardiologist said grade one Compression. I currently have grade 2 compression knee-high so maybe I can wear them together. It’s all very confusing

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Hi, I found the 2XU similar to ordinary sports tights or leggings - there was nowhere near enough 'compression' or pressure to make a difference.

Medical compression tights (class 2) were much better. I purchased mine online from the Compessionsockshop.

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This post from an Aussie blogger might be helpful:


It’s from 2017, but, at a quick glance, seems to still be relevant.

I think she also did a post about the woes of trying to get into the highest-level compression ones.

🙂 Waves from central Victoria!

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