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Hello, Just wanted to post a question to those who may be on acid-blocker medications with stomach issues (either H2 blockers or PPI, or even others such as antacids or sulcrafate if you have experience with those) and any side effects and ability to tolerate.  Looking for one that may be easier to take.  Thank you for any input

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I have used Tums before when i would get a acidity stomach or acid reflux. just not very often or long term. what i have done was to identify the foods that spark a flare up. most are acidic foods like tomatoes or sauce, salsa and drinks like lemonade or some of the sports drinks that use sorbic acid even the hydration drinks will do it. Mike hard lemonade is the worst for me. never again.

My doc has listed some of these as a food intolerance on my chart. 

Something to consider if you have not already.  

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