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Grief causing Flares


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Grief and flares
Has anyone else experienced severe flares from grief? 

I am facing some difficult loss and grieving in the coming weeks. My Mother-In-Law is on hospice and failing quickly. My beloved dog Woo, who has been my rock throughout my illness, is near the end. Her and I share so much, the same limp, same limitations (although she’s still faster than me and can walk further), and a wonderful loving spunky spirit which won’t give up. She is the fire in my spirit, the love in my heart, and the joy in my soul. 

I know that I will need to balance healthy grieving with protecting myself from flaring badly. 
My initial illness was correlated with losing 4 close family members in a short period. It made me very sick and I can’t afford such impact again.

If you have experienced grief during your illness, how have you managed it? What helped? What didn’t? 
What would you do differently?


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@MaineDoug I am so sorry for the losses you will be facing! I know how heartwrenching it is to loose people and animals you love! 

I have had HPOTS for a long time and can honestly tell you that - for me - grief does trigger symptoms. The emotions that we go through when grieving are so stressful that flares are typical. I have had many losses and with each I became ill. The depression that comes with grief also made me less active, and less activity means worse symptoms. 

What helps me dealing with grief is rest, talking about my feelings and allowing myself to weep. However, I try not to do this for too long but instead I try to also do things that are positive, like watching a comedy or listening to happy music. It does not take the pain away but it is a reminder that this too shall pass. 

Sending you good vibes! 

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Thanks everyone,

In reading your comments carefully I think that an essential element will be ensuring that my successful self care efforts continue no matter how numb I am or how much pain I’m in. 
I’m really good at checklists so I’ll set up a daily routine to get me through this difficult stretch! 

Thanks for your help!


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