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Magnetic fields are giving me anxiety!!!


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Every time there's a geomagnetic storm (there was one on the 12th, according to Spaceweatherlive), fluctuations in Earth's magnetic field caused by solar flares, my heart rate is 30 bpm higher than baseline even with Ivabradine. There are a myriad of studies including ones from the Journal of the American Heart Association showing that Earth's magnetic field is bad for the heart:











I got someone to get rid of all the magnets in the house and my symptoms have improved somewhat. I still worry that the magnetic field from the geomagnetic storm on the 12th has damaged my heart since my resting heart rate and my blood pressure are still high. I'm seriously considering getting mu-metal magnetic shielding done for my house.

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Hmm.. I've always been around electronics and large electrical stuff most of my life and at least for me I've never had an issue with it.  100kW transmitters, 300kVA transformers, etc.  

I do notice magnetic North.  You can take me into the interior of a building and I'll still be able to identify magnetic north.  I've lived in Florida all my life, which happens to have near zero magnetic variation from true north.  When I go away from here, it does kind of seem strange to me that the magnetic north I sense is soooo far off from true north compared to what I'm used to here. 

The only issue I've ever encountered with magnetism was for a brain MRI.  When they slid me in the tube, many of my senses went haywire.  My internal clock, sense of direction, and sense of balance went haywire.  Very disorienting. I couldn't tell if I was floating or falling or moving horizontally despite the table being stationary.  

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