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LTD settlement

Dawg Tired

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I posted a while back about the long term disability insurance company making an offer to settle for $6,000. My attorney said he was obligated to tell me of the offer so he did. He advised me not to take it, of course.

They were supposed to pay me $1,644 a month until I'm 62; minus whatever SSDI I am geting so that would amount to about $800 a month for hubby and I. Of course, they cut me off after 6 months and we were without any income for almost 2 years. Had to depend on family and church for all those months. SSDI finally came through after 2 years.

Yesterday the lawyer called and asked me if he could make a counter offer of $12,000 to the LTD company, hoping to get $9,000. I told him to go ahead, I am just so worn out I am ready to put the whole thing behind me. He called back later and said they had raised their offer to $10,000. I caved and accepted. He gets 1/3 but It's better than nothing and the whole episode is gone from my life now and hopefully will be one less stressor.

LTD insurance... PPFFFTTTT!!!!

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So sorry, it just seems these things never turn out like they are supposed to. Then to add insult to injury, they deduct most of it or you can't have ssdi! It never seems to end. I know how tired and defeated you can get, but don't feel badly about this. Their job seems to be to take the most vulnerable and wear them down to a nub. Been there and through it. You just reach a point where it's not worth it any more. I hope what you did get helps a little and least you won't have that big thing hanging over you. Take care, if you can, do a little something nice for yourself to boost your spirits....morgan

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I wish I had something more comforting and encouraging to say! I am so sorry you've had to deal with this. It is just excruciatingly UNFAIR!!

I agree with Morgan...try to find something nice to do for yourself. You deserve it!!

Meanwhile, vent all you need to on this site.

We're behind you. If I ever win the lottery one of my first goals will be to help people on this board!!!!!!!! (The problem is, I can't drive thus I can't get out to even buy a lottery ticket) :)

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sorry, don't know what else to say.

but i can definitely understand why you would just need to have the whole thing done with regardless.

i'm so sorry that you had to deal with this mess & it didn't work out better in the end.

if i could i'd go knock some sense into all the LTD folks...and then they'd be sorry!

B) melissa

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