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HR change on standing as a marker of how well rested you are....


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Well, I've been away for a long time. I'm not really sure if things got better or if I just tuned my life to cope with how I feel. I certainly don't do as much normal stuff as I used to 

I seem to be able to measure how much rest I need from my HR change on standing. Right now its 42bpm laying down and 95 standing. When I am fully rested this gap can be as little as 10bpm. Does anyone else get a similar response?

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  • m@t changed the title to HR change on standing as a marker of how well rested you are....

Yes, I've observed that on nights when I've had less sleep (under 6 hours, say), I have substantially greater HR increases in response to standing. It's also the case for me that on those poorly rested days, I'm more likely to show a high HR while walking, while on a typical day my HR while walking is moderate.

However, I've not been sure whether it's all about rest. Often, if I've had a very poor night's rest, it's because I started being symptomatic the night before (buzzing sensation, perhaps mild tremors, things like that). So I've wondered before if low sleep is the direct cause of the increased HR change, or if they are both reflections of another process in my body.

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Its very tricky to figure out isn't it?

I did a VO2Max test whilst hooked up to an ECG on a treadmill on Tuesday and then had an episode of vasovagal syncope after where my heart rate went down to 36bpm for 10 mins or so.

Before that i only had a rise of about 15bpm on standing.

I have felt a little rough since then so out myself on bed rest. Over the last 3 days i have gradually felt better and it correlates pretty well to the amount of orthostatic rise 

As you say, is this just an indication of some other process in the body, who knows.

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