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  1. Adrenal fatigue isn't recognised as a condition by the medical community is it?
  2. How old are you and are you male or female? Assuming your phone is Android or Iphone you should be able to download a free heart rate app which uses the phones camera to measure your HR.
  3. PoTS is a type of dysautonomia, its not the only type thats why you may find a bit more stuff reading around here. You could probably do a HR measurement without any equipment... Lie down for 10 mins or so and then count the number of beats in 30 seconds and double it. Then stand up and stand still and after a few minutes count the number of beats for 30 seconds and then double the number again. This will give you a supine and standing heart rate in bpm. A rise of more than 30bpm or so is suggestive of POTS. Do you notice any strange flushing / difference pupil sizes between the sides?
  4. Have you done a poor mans tilt table test to see what happens to your heart rate when you change position from laying or sitting to standing?
  5. m@t

    Anyone in the uk ?

    Hey Emily. Have you seen the potsuk.org site? I think they are quite active on Facebook etc. There is also the rather fantastic York Cardiology (Dr Sanjay Gupta) who has a youtube channel with some pots info and runs clinics. He seems to "get it" and also understands the importance of a good Dr patient relationship. Awareness is spreading and there was a brief mention on "Casualty" admittedly it was related to EDS but it was still a mention
  6. Any of you chaps tried beta blockers or increased beta blockers after over exertion?
  7. If propranolol is doing the job bar the side effects I have had success in doing daily adjustment of the dose depending on how over activated things feel. Somedays I only "need" 20mg but others its 160mg. Since doing this I have lost around 5kg without trying and I'm noticably less tired. I think the best dose for me seems to be the absolute minimum that will prevent an unreasonable upright heart rate.
  8. Not sure many of you chaps have seen the videos from Dr Sanja Gupta of York Cardiology on youtube bit I thoight I would post up a link as I think theybare pretty good. Heres the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/YorkCardiology He has done a series on how sleep affects POTS and has now moved on to brain fog.
  9. m@t

    A big energy day.

    Thats great news. How are you doing now? I'd be interested to hear an example of your daily diet incase I can copy it!
  10. Are you taking the HR readings from an automatic BP machine? If so next time it gives you a 199 reading also take her pulse manually and check that its reading accurately. When you say she is non compliant with a 10 minute test do you mean she passes out or feels as though she is going to?
  11. Hey. I have POTS but still manage to run a busy deparment and look after a team of people. Sure I can feel dicey from time to time but I know it wont kill me. Symptoms fluctuate and you can get both good and bad times. I just have to cut back on physical activity which is my main beef.
  12. Not sure if it helps but heres a log of my BP and HR on going from laying flat to standing and then standing still and going back to laying down: mm:ss sys/dia HR 00:00 Horizontal 00:47 144/98 @ 61 01:43 133/98 @ 63 02:46 140/86 @ 62 03:00 Stand 03:47 134/101 @ 127 04:41 124/101 @ 116 05:23 118/104 @ 117 06:01 124/105 @ 125 06:43 129/111 @ 130 07:28 129/115 @ 134 08:10 130/104 @ 128 09:29 123/109 @ 136 09:32 Horizontal 10:34 156/95 @ 59 11:23 141/93 @ 65 If you can walk for an hour and feel ok that day and for the few days after then definitely keep doing that. When you do a flat to stand test have you tried standing still for 10 mins and seeing what your HR is then? I noticed in your vids after an initial spike things went back to around your base line +20bpm? How much fluid are you taking on?
  13. Thats a commute and a half, I take ot you do one of his online consults rather than jumping on a plane? That pesky anxiety label is a difficult thing for doctors to look past once they have given it to you.
  14. Fantastic. Id say you are extremely lucky to have someone knowledgable, not that I actually know what is top of his list of things to try... I take a small dose of beta blockers which does seem to help a bit. Do let us know what he has planned.
  15. Ah thats really interesting, thats an on the ball cardiologist. I had noticed my symptoms when I wore a heart rate band but never thought much of it. Do you do much exercise at the moment? Mine definitely worsens after that. Have a look at the videos by York Cardiology on youtube. I like his pivot point analogy, it describes it for me perfectly. I think the anxiety goes along with having a bit of an overactive nervous system. People tend to think of mental health and physical health as two distinct things but there is really a blur in the middle which is where some of these symptoms sit.