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POTS & GERD / Nausea


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Hi, I am recently diagnosed as of mid last year and have recently had recurring symptoms of nausea in throughout the day. It seems to be triggered by motion sickness but also GERD as well. I wanted to reach out and ask if any POTS patients have also had GERD symptoms too?

I’ve done a bit of reading and found research articles showing that there is a link between the two however there’s not much research to refer to and be able to reference with much confidence.


I’ve seen a cardiologist at the public hospital near me and he’s told me that the nausea I have is completely unrelated to POTS as I don’t have any dizziness. However, I do have a really high heart rate whenever I get the nausea so not entirely sure…


I hope I’m not overstepping, it’s my first time posting in a forum like this so do let me know if I’m not providing enough info or that I’m asking questions that are too sensitive



- Thank you! 

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Welcome to the forum.  Your questions about others' experiences are on point for this forum.  

Our guidelines are here, for more information:

Guidelines - Dysautonomia Information Network (DINET)

Yes nausea is a common symptom with POTS and other GI symptoms not unusual.  We typically seem to experience a constellation of symptoms.

Here is a fairly exhaustive list of POTS symptoms:

POTS Symptoms, Diagnosis and Prognosis - POTS - Dysautonomia Information Network (DINET)


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Hi!  Sorry you're struggling with this!  As others have said, those symptoms are part of POTS.  I also have nausea, as does another relative who also has POTS.  We both can go from being fine one second to terrible nausea the next to the point where we rush to get to the bathroom or a trashcan to vomit.  Mine often happens right after I eat, and I feel super nauseous right before I pass out.  I carry the type of Zofran in my purse that dissolves under your tongue as it goes right into my bloodstream (it also stops spasms if I'm out and have bad GI symptoms).  Also we drink ginger beer (not actually beer; usually I don't due to the sugar but once in a while I'll use it).  The GI doctor recommends peppermint tea so I drink that daily.  I also have GERD and turns out I have a hiatal hernia that is probably the cause.  Cutting our garlic and onion has made the acid reflux almost go away.  Hope you feel better soon!

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