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Barrier cream to protect skin against adhesive tape and other medical sticky ouchy stuff

Sarah Tee

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A while ago someone in a support group who was a nurse told me about a barrier cream (spray? gel?) that you can apply to sensitive skin to protect it from medical adhesives. The adhesive still sticks but is less likely to tear your skin or cause allergies or other woes.

But I lost the name of it. Does anyone know what it might be?

I have to have surgery soon and I am petrified of anyone putting tape on my face and tearing my skin. Last time this happened, it took the very top layer off, breaking all the very tiny capillaries. It healed up after a month, thank goodness, or I would have two bright red rectangles on my cheeks forever.

Now I’m ten years older and sicker and very distrustful of that occasional medical person who does not follow instructions and may slap something on my face while I’m unconscious!

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Hello @Sarah Tee - I am allergic to silicone and adhesive tape so they use a barrier wipe for me. Here in the US it is called skin prep, or adhesive barrier wipe. It comes in sptay or wipe. Here is the list of ingredients: 

Purified Water, Diglycol, Glycerin , Sorbitol , Octoxynol- 9 , Dimethycone Copolyol , Diazolidinyl Urea , Methyparaben


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@Pistol, thank you, that is the stuff! I probably have allergies to the tape, but the worst part for me is the mechanical stress of it being torn off.

Still pondering how to manage this. If I say I’m allergic, I’m frightened they’ll put on hypo-allergenic tape while I’m under, and it can rip your skin just as well as the normal stuff.

Will speak to my sureon about it, anyway.

Thank you!

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