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Did the POTS home test - help understanding the results?


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Hi everyone,

I just did the CDC at home test measuring Blood pressure and heart rate. I think I may have POTS. Can anyone help me interpret the results?

5 mins lying down: BP 96/57 HR 72

1 min standing up: BP 98/68 HR 101

3 min standing up: BP 96/66 HR 98

5 min standing up: BP 98/67 HR 104

7 min standing up: BP 101/66 HR 102

My heart rate did increase by > 30bpm at some points and my blood pressure diastolic reading increased by >10.

Would the increase in diastolic mean I have hyperadregenic POTS.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.



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i can't diagnose you but i am pretty sure that the criteria for  hyperandrogenic POTS is a increase in systolic BP >10, substantial increase in HR (tachycardia) or norepinephrine levels > than 600 pg/ml upon standing.

Grubb’s 2011 study described hyperadrenergic POTS as having an increase in systolic blood pressure of ≥ 10 mm Hg during a tilt table test with rapid heart beat (tachycardia) or serum norepinephnrine levels that were greater than 600 pg/mL upon standing. (The mean standing norepinephrine levels in Grubb’s hyperadrenergic study were 828 ± 200 pg/mL; normal range: 520 pg/mL.) 

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I think it can be helpful to doctors to make these measurements at home and keep a record you can share with them, especially during times you are having symptoms.

Do you have a specialist you can see soon?

This may be helpful if you have not looked at it:


Many people are not diagnosed with a subtype, whether they have that subtype or not.  It may nor may not be helpful in terms of treatment.  My bp also rises significantly on standing.  My specialist never wanted to do any further testing beyond tilt table test, event monitor and echo.  The last two just rule out other problems.


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@MomtoGiuliana thanks for your reply. I guess i want to make sure i dont have hyperadrenergic POTS. I had previously been taking Zoloft for the last 5 years and in January this year there was no more of it in the country. I tried the generic and after 1 week my heart rate hit the roof. So I stopped and waited about 3 months before I could get Zoloft again. After my first dose the heart palpitations were strong so i stopped and ive been too scared to take it since. But i really need it because i havent been coping well.

I thought maybe i have hyperadrenagic POTS because SSRI have some norephinephrine activity which was making it worse.

Im in a situation where im too anxious to take an anti anxiety medication. Isnt that crazy?


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15 minutes ago, Asmaa said:

Im in a situation where im too anxious to take an anti anxiety medication. Isnt that crazy?

be honest no. Dr. Blitshteyn has already noted that side effects from SSRI can cause symptoms. while a SSRI maybe a lifeline for some folks if is also a stressor for others.

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SSRI certainly does not work for everyone with POTS.  I think studies I have seen state that somewhere around 50% of POTS patients find symptom relief from SSRIs.   SSRIs also do not work immediately for most people. I do think it helped me--but not for about 2 months.   I had two weeks of worsened symptoms, with anxiety and worse heart pounding, while my body adjusted.  After the adjustment period I do think it helped calm my ANS.  

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