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Anyone any thoughts? Thank you

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Hi all, can only hope things are better for you all than they are for us. Life has inevitably become even more difficult and challenging (understatement). 


Know meds are individual, but anyone with hyperadrenergic PoTS (H P) tried an acute triptan medication for episodic migraine attacks, and if so, did it worsen H P symptoms or induce other side-effects? 


Asking this specifically due to symptoms in H P cases usually involving vasoconstriction -

could the constriction action of this type of medication generally cause extra problems for H P patients?! (e.g. chest tightness due to the constriction sounds to be a concerning common side-effect for anyone taking them)


Are there any studies on H PoTS patients taking them?


Anyone taken any other meds specifically for H P and found they incidentally also helped this terrible problem? 


Anyone with MCAS tried triptans for episodic migraine attacks? If so, was the med a trigger for a reaction? 


Anyone with H Pots and/or MCAS had any luck with any other medications specific to migraine taken at the onset of an attack? 


Sadly, severity is such that standard analgesics don't help. 


Thanks so much in advance for any thoughts. 

Take care. 

Sending very best wishes to you all as always 




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