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Adrenaline surges

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A lot of people (including me) are experiencing "adrenaline surges". This is less known symptom of POTS but I think very important, especially for newly diagnosed. I have found at few places it is called adrenaline surge. But some are saying this is not real adrenaline surge. So how to call it? Is there proper name for it? 

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I watched a lecture with Dr Satish Raj in which he addressed this in the Q&A section. (I think it was Satish Raj – it might have been Dr Nick Gall. I watched a lot of their lectures a while ago.)

Anyway, whichever expert it was explained that although autonomic specialists and patients know what “adrenaline surge” as a symptom refers to, nobody has measured anyone’s adrenaline levels during one of these episodes. So unfortunately we don’t know for sure that these unpleasant episodes involve a surge of adrenaline.

You can see that this would be hard to study. You would have to get a bunch of patients who experience these episodes together and keep them at a test facility all day, maybe even overnight because some people get them during sleep. And then you would have to wait for the episodes to occur and quickly take a blood sample. So you’d have to book a dormitory for the test subjects, and have a phlebotomist on standby 24 hours a day.

Another option would be to give people a blood test order to use at a pathology collection centre and have them rush to get blood taken when an episode happened. But that would be very hard for people to do, and collection centres usually only open 9–5, so that’s another limitation.

So it’s very hard for doctors to study this symptom or write about it with no data. (Or give it an official name!)

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