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Hi Becca,

Dinet has some good info on POTS and exercise.


It really depends on what you are capable of doing with your symptoms. At first, when i was in bed all the time, i was only doing leg-lifts. Slowly i built up more endurance and was able to try some light swimming and short walks. Now i'm on to much longer walks and it has me feeling better.

Listening to your body is the best thing to do. If you don't feel well standing and exercising, then try doing something sitting, like a recumbent bike. Also, the harder you work out aerobically, the more blood will be required by your muscles, leaving less blood available for that all-important brain. That's how a nurse described it to me. It made me realize that walking is less demanding than an elliptical trainer for example.

Good luck!


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Hi! there. I do Pilates because you do a lot of it while on the floor(our favorite/safest position here :) ). When I have the energy nice, slow, quiet walks with one of my good dogs is the best. I use to hike before this wave of OI/Pots kicked in. Now my husband and I stroll through the woods. Most important I think is know your limits and excersise with a buddy. DRINK FLUIDS!

Good luck and stay active.

Oh! try some simple ballet positions that involve heel raises and Pli'es.(Squats that are performed while standing up straight.


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Hi Becca, I agree with Kristen about the website having good information on exercises (there is a page on there with Yaz exercises), I successfully tried them today. They also say swimming is good. Since I have been sick, I have made my form of exercise be walking, when I feel up to it. My doctor tells me leg exercises are the best. Prior to getting sick I had been using a Nordic Track Elliptical. I tried it today for the first time since getting sick, it was difficult but I managed to get through it. Two features of it that I like is that I can hold on, and secondly it monitors my heart rate while I am doing it. I did not use the arm feature and move my arms while doing it though, I just hung on to the bar that reads your heart rate. I look forward to hearing what suggestions other people have. Take Care!

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