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Oh yeah!! SOme good news!


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I forgot to mention that the wheelchair guy came out to the house thursday morning and he brought an electric wheelchair with him.. and di some paperwork and took measurements..and let me play around with the wheelchair which i though was cool..it moves really nice and is easy to operate.. and it sha different speeds..

I'm lik watch out!! I will have this baby at full speed in no time! I'm like during that short month that I actually was learning how to drive.. I had a real lead foot!.. he laughed..

well he said that he was hoping to get me an appointment for an eval for PT by like nov... and that he was going to try and get me in sooner.. and then he will be able to send the paper work into the insurance company's and that i should hear something in about 30-60 days..

that kinda bummed me out.. I thinking oh great! :)

Well god must truly be working miracles for me.. because the guy.. steve called me back bright and early friday morning.. and sai guess what Linda! i got you an emergency app w/pt for wednesday.. and I am going to push the paperwork for you and hopefully we will have you a wheelchair with in 2 weeks!!

I was like OMG!! thank you! and I started to cry..(big surprise!huh?)

Such a feeling of relief..

Now i am hoping that there are no SURPIRSIES in store for me with pt and stuff..

But I thought that I would share some good news with you all..


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