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I have an appointment with a new doctor at the University of Michigan heart center on April 1st. Since I have had to document things before for Dr. Grubb I thought I would start charting the next two weeks til my appointment. I know I should chart my blood pressure, heart rate and how I am feeling. Is there anything else I can write down to let this doctor know of.

Also I am starting to get back out since my last episode/its going on 6 weeks now, but it was bad. and my symptoms are just now really slowing down enuf that I feel comfortable going out. But now I am getting a lot of new symptoms. This morning my daughter and I went to the guitar store there were only 2 people in line before us and I started getting all jittery and had to leave the store. I mentioned light sensitivity before but today it is overcast and I was still having problems. Also it has never taken me this long to feel copable. I wonder if its the new med I am on or maybe I am just getting worse. (He switched me from Celexa to Lexapro).



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