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This is probably a common symptom, but I just want to throw it out there because I'm having such trouble with it.

I have overdone it a bit (with activities and moving and cleaning house and just 'life' in general) and even though I'm not mentally fatigued, my body just won't let me MOVE anymore. I don't have pain, but I get sick to my stomach whenever I walk around. I feel like if I don't lay down and stay perfectly still and in a flat/horizontal position, I am just going to throw up everywhere. Yilch.

This isn't new for me, it's happened all of my life when I overdo it. I guess it's just my body screaming at me to "LAY DOWN, ALREADY!!"

It's just the nausea that is so frustrating because I really can't get anything done when I am trying so hard not to vomit.

:-/ Anyone else know what I'm talking about....?

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I think i have had that feeling. I felt extremely nauseas (sp?) constantly for about three years. It would feel much better if i lay down. However mine was situated mostly in my throat, it felt like i was constantly gagging.

Thankfully this passed ...

Have you tried different diets to see if its a food alergy?

I wish i knew what was happening in my body when i got that feeling ... but ive never really found out. All i know is that a change of diet helped (gluten and dairy free) and that it passed over time. (also i think it may have been due to really swollen glands... which sounds obvious but a doctor never said thats what caused it)

sorry i cant be of more help. Hopefully someone else has more answers for you.

However just letting you know you are not alone in feeling sick to your stomach :)

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I get that sometimes too...the nausea, but not like steph! She's the champion of this symptom! I do notice the worse I feel the more nausea I get.

You haven't let too much extra dairy sneak in lately have you? :)

Zofran is good stuff though! :) Sometimes for me, it just stops that cycle of nausea and settles the system down. Sometimes I think the nausea is a vicious cycle...when you are trying so hard not to puke! Also, I love Preggie Pops, ginger tea, etc. but their not as powerful as Zofran!

I do think the nausea may be also your body saying...slow down a bit! :) You are right about that. It is often an early symptom for me before the shakes, sweats, etc.


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Guest Finrussak

Anyone else NOT have good luck with Zofran...I too have the nearly constant nausea thing...and since as far back as I can remember (age 2?) I have had a "nervous stomach" -look at me funny, get me upset or excited, etc and the last meal has many unhappy returns :)

thats why they claim I have so much trouble now..weakest part..."predisposed"...or maybe I had touches of dysauto all along?????

I have tried Librax ( supposed to relax GI spasms etc), as a teen, and more recently anti emetics etc...no better. then last year I needed aneasthesia ( NEVER AGAIN God willing UGH) and they had to give me Zofran...because even phenobarb not fix it...and all I did was retch, faint retch faint. ( I have that fun vagal thing...they think nerve damage due to Lyme- when I retch or cough or put any pressure on belly...I brady down, skip beats and then tachy to compensate setting off the POTS...wham)anyway it stopped the nausea for a little but but then in about 3 hrs it made my dysauto stuff WORSE...thought Id die...so I refused the next dose...retching again...had to take more Zofran...but again came the rebound...waves of feeling faint, sweats, tachy really bad, shakes ( my whole body shook so bad a loose screw on the hospital bed FELL OUT!!!! and at that time I was barely 90 lbs and 5'1")

I wish there were something to help...some days the nausea is so bad Im gagging stuff down...deep breathing and praying I dont retch. Most meals are a fight...not enjoyable in the least..

Maybe because I have so much nervous system damage??? or the vagal thing too??? all I know is anything cholinergic/anticholinergic ( typical antinauseas) are bad news...

I try the wrist bands...the ones with electric stim and the plain ones, and ginger tea, candied ginger...all help a LITTLE but not well...separate solids from liquids during meals, balancing protein and carbs, avoiding hi fats, etc ...not much help-anyone else have other ideas???

I am one of the skinny shrinking barely keeping weight on people...and now I also battle low potassium probs so vomiting is a real danger...

thanks for the help

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Sorry you are feeling badly. I am not surprised the move affected you.

If I am near my limit, I can feel nauseated on standing--along with other symptoms. So, I think I know what you are talking about. I hope it passes with some time and good rest.

Hey--call me/e-mail me if I can help you in any way. I am just about 15 minutes from you!!


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Hi Rachel,

I had a "spell" exactly as you described earlier today. I could have written your e-mail word for word. I have suffered from this off and on for years. I used to use compazine, but I can't tolerate it anymore. I am also unlucky in that Zofran does absolutely nothing for me. The only thing that works for me is to lie still, sip salty broth, and pray to God it passes. Ginger tea has helped, and for some reason, the warmness of broth or tea, seems to help my motility (not too hot, just warm).

I feel for you. I had to pull off the freeway and put my car's A/C on me full blast, while I cranked my seat all the way back. I unbuckled my pants, and undid my bra, and prayed nobody would see me :) !

Take care, I am thinking of you!

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