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anti-inflammatory meds


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Hi folks..

well I went to the doc today...follow up from my ER visit friday..

The next step for us to take is to have MRI's done from my hips down to my feet..today when I was there...my knee was swollen..so she was able to see that hey there is something going on there!!

In may I had ex-rays done of my knees to see if there was arthritis there.. and there was not.. which is good.. but still leaves the lingering question of what on earth is causing the pain!

Well I have been on virtually every anti inflammatory pill since I was 12 yrs.. old.. and havent had alot of success with them..

the only thing that works and works well..is Toradol.. MY MYMY that is a wonderfull pill!! through an IV it knock a good majority of the pain out of me in short order..

I asked the doc for toradol to take at home on an as needed basis. and she said that toradol can only be used for 5 days at atime.. then has to be stopped.. which ***** big time! its is the only thing that helps..

So she gave me some Mobic to try and wants me to get some glucosamine chondroiten w/MSM.. to also take and see how that works...

and I have to start PT/ and water therapy again.. and see if we cant calm down the pain and stuff..

so I feel that my doc is trying to really help me.. she is great!! and thuroughly try and figure out the missing link.. of my pain... I hope that she has some luck... this pain and stuff started when I was 12 yrs.old.. and my mom would take me to the ER.. and doc.. and they just said that it was al in my head.. and that it was "growing pains".. yeah like growing pains is going to give you a fever and make your joints swell up.. and cause severe PAIN!!

HELLO!!! I dont think SO!!

SO I am wondering if any of you have had any luck with these anti-inflammatory meds..

thanks guys!


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I haven't found an anti-inflammatory I've been able to take so I can't help you answer those questions.

Just wanted to say I hope you feel better soon and glad the appt went well. It's nice to hear when people have a good experience with their Dr's!!!

Have you had the "fancy" autoimmune blood work done to rule out disorders like lupus, rheumatoid arthritis etc?

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Guest Finrussak

YIKES...your symptoms of inflammation, fevers, knee/joint swelling. when younger and now continued problems-..and living in PA.....have you ever gone to a LLMD (Lyme Literate MD)>> I have worked with 2 Drs offices as an advocate in past 15 yrs (when Im well enough, else I do work through online boards) and these symptoms should ALWAYS be suspicious of tick borne illnesses...

The current list of culprits carried by ticks ( and the list grows as more are identified)






There are many strains and blood tests are NOT accurate...which is why you need a good doc to figure it out...try the website for ILADS or LDA...for Drs who are qualified. I know of 3 in NJ...if you want...email me directly...

There are lists of people with your symptoms ( and even "just" knee pain/swelling) who go onto the right antibiotics and they get relief!!!

As for antiinflammatories I have not been able to tolerate ANY since the Lyme and one commonality of Lyme etc is that steroids and similar antiinflammatories often make things worse without antibiotics!!

its worth a try...becasue if it is tick related and you let it go...it can get worse...

good luck

{in meanwhile, my own child and other fellow Lymies with joint pains swear on warmth--warm baths---with epsom salts in them; and magnesium and boswelia in a joint complex}

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